Party of Goblins

Goblins! Playtest Quote

Party of GoblinsDuring one of our playtesting sessions for Goblins! the following conversation took place between Gnashknob and Piddlepants (these Goblins being much like the two Grumpy Old Men in The Muppets). I liked it so much, I wrote it out as quickly as possible. This little conversation is quite indicative of the character of some of the Goblins we have to work with…

The two Goblins Gnashknob and Piddlepants were sitting on their ledge high above the main cave of the Warren. Down below, the new pet of the Ol’ Hag, Gobby Wobby, was strutting around in a very arrogant and confident fashion. This irritated Piddlepants instantly. Picking up a large stone he deftly hurled it at the source of his annoyance. There was a loud clang as the stone hit Gobby Wobby’s saucepan helmet.

“Quick Gnashknob! Look in-o-scent!” whispered Piddlepants fiercely.

Gnashknob paused, deep in thought for a second or two before leaning over to Piddlepants.


“Yes, Gnashknob?”

“What’s ‘in-o-scent’ mean?” he asked.

Piddlepants considered this for a second. “I think it means when you’re in a scent…” Piddlepants replied with some authority.


“Yes, Gnashknob?”

“I think I’m in-o-scent fairly often”

“I think so too. I sit next to you most days after all…” replied Piddlepants

“Piddlepants. Are you in-o-scent now?” asked Gnashknob.

Piddlepants took a deep breath and considered it with a furrowed brow. “Why yes, I think I am. It’s a very special in-o-scent, Gnashknob. One of your best!”

“Why thank you, Piddlepants…” said Gnashknob proudly, tearing up slightly.

Piddlepants was tearing up too, but for different reasons.

“I feel quite special to have shared that with you Gnashknob.” said Piddlepants, shortly before passing out.

Illustration by Symatt.


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    Now that’s funny