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Excerpt from ‘Goblins in the Cesspit’ by Professor Bottomfinger

The following excerpt is taken from the field journals of Professor Bottomfinger:

Today I did observe a group of Goblins having some form of disagreement over the apparent status of a ‘pet rat’. There appeared to be some confusion over whether it could be classified as ‘food’ or otherwise. The tactic employed by one of the more cognitively gifted Goblins was to insist that there was something of great interest behind the other Goblin. With much gesticulating he did manage to convince aforementioned Goblin, that indeed, there was something of great interest behind him that demanded his immediate attention. Once the poor wretch proceeded to turn around, he suffered a wedgy of such fortitude and vigour that even I, a casual observer, was forced to utter an ‘egads’ in sympathy. The now prepubescent Goblin collapsed to the floor and relinquished his pet rat to the greater cause of sustenance for his peers.

It should be noted that Professor Bottomfinger’s journals were recovered by a rescue party sent to find him after he failed to return for supper.