First sketches of our Goblins turn up!

We are extremely lucky to have the very talented artist Symatt working with us to illustrate Goblins!. You may know Symatt from the many roleplaying game sketches he does under the tag #countersketches. We asked him to help us out drawing goblins for the rule book as we thought he sense of humour was perfect for it.

Today the first sketches started turning up of how Symatt thought the Goblins should look, exhibiting some of the humour that we were really hoping for. While these are early sketches, we really like them, and we hope you do too.

Bunch of Goblins

Goblins! A Roleplaying Game

In Goblins! A Roleplaying Game you and your friends play a group of Goblins. Mucky little bastards. Weak, mean-spirited, ugly little cannibals. They have brutal, short little lives, living at the bottom of the goblinoid pecking order. When food is short, they often serve as backup snacks for their larger orc cousins. A Goblin’s survival relies on wits, sycophancy, brutality and a healthy dose of luck. Sounds like fun? We think so.

The game structure for Goblins! is fairly loose. You will find the best games are centred around the mediocre little lives that the goblins live. For example, simply helping the Ol’ Hag make a stew for dinner is likely to be fraught with danger and excitement. You will have to compete with your fellow goblins for the favour of the Ol’ Hag so you might get something to eat all the while not falling for any of their traps so you can avoid going into the stew yourself. Continue reading